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10 Best Games to Improve Memory

Our top 10 games recommendation to boost a child’s memory.

Playing memory games can improve functions, such as attention, concentration, and focus.

With many memory games based on spotting differences, identifying two related images, it helps in improving visual recognition. Playing these games requires them to stop, focus, think, plan and remember, basic skills that can be used every single day.

Let’s talk about some working memory games.

Working memory is a system for temporarily storing and managing information required to carry out complex tasks. Having strong working memory means the ability to retain fresh information for long enough; however, our working memory is limited by nature, and that is why we find difficulty in remembering long sentences and numbers.

Kids with good working memory can:-

~be more focused at work or in the class

~follow difficult and complex directions

~understand the information better and use it accurately

We must have observed that most of the times kids need a repetitive explanation in a class by teachers or are not focused, it’s because they’re working memory is either full, or the brain is unable to take more information. We must focus on this at an early age, and yes, working memory can be trained and improved upon with a consistent approach.

What kind of games can kids play to build on memory?

  1. Brain Cache ~ A card game to build working memory

Fun Family Game. Age:(7+ yrs)

Game for one and all: No letters and alphabets are used in the game. So, children or adults with minimum prior knowledge can play the game, making it a fun family game. Family time is more fun and educational with Brain Cache. In fact, Me-time can also be equally fun and educational. Single-player can play the game in practice mode using the basic game rules. The game has multiple built-in difficulty levels which can be played using the same set of cards. Players can keep challenging themselves till they attain the maximum capacity of working memory.

Skills: Working memory facilitates the development of lower-order thinking skills like attention, flexibility and memory as well as higher-order thinking skills like Creativity and Critical thinking.

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2) Electronic Memory Game that teaches Persistence

Fun travel game/Educational Indoor/4 years and above

In addition to building memory, the Memory toi also builds persistence as you focus on clearing more levels and getting better with more attempts! Whether you’re trying to keep kids indoors or taking a trip, this is a great way to keep your kids engaged and away from screens. Put your memory to the test and also take the first few steps to develop a photographic memory. The increasing sequence of lights and sounds make it challenging with every level you go up. Great combination of Fun & Learning.

3) Mind Card game for Memory and Focus ~ 3 in 1 game

Age: 5–8 and 9–12 yrs. No of Players: 2–6

Funny Brains cards ensure kids have fun while they learn to concentrate. It is also great for children to bond with their friends, siblings & family. Symbols Are Universal, Catchy and Full of Distractions: kids will face challenges in every card one goes for as every card is unique in itself and will not fail to surprise you at every moment. It is an uproarious mind game to improve memory and concentration funnily and enjoyably. Funny brains can be played by kids in three different styles which provide a complete brain exercise to kids and adults. KEY SKILLS — Memory building Problem Solving, Observation, Concentration.

4) Q.Bitz ~ Game from Mindware

Challenge your mind and each other with this family-fun puzzle game.

Q-Bitz offers three types of visual challenges, making it the perfect game for multiple playing styles. Stimulates the brain to use spatial reasoning and memory skills. Teaches symmetry, visual dexterity and friendly competition

5) Exciting game of visual hide & seek ~ Pictureka

Pictureka! is a new kind of game, both in mechanic as in artwork. The mechanic is invigorating with its large square gaming tiles. Players compete to collect the most mission cards to win the game. Great for the whole family, and kids as young as six can play with older kids and parents. 100 different mission cards in 3 categories. Includes 9 two-sided gameboard tiles, 108 cards, dice, timer and instructions. It’s an outrageous, contagious picture hunt. Helps to build your memory and visual-spatial skills.

6) A memory challenge game with distractions ~ Laughing Kookaburra

Age: 6 to 99. No of Players 2 or more

Looking for a game that increases attention & focus? Look no more! A funny game that strengthens working memory & recall and promotes bonding.80 interferences that will challenge your remembering & the chances of your winning the game. The challenge is to remember, even after you have been distracted. A hilarious workout for the young & old alike to improve their memory of what they see or hear through loads of laughter and fun! Strengthen your memory with Laughing Kookaburra’s hilarious game in 2 creative gameplays!

7) Peek-a-doodle doo ~ A fat brain game on memory

With constant motion, Peek-A-Doodle Doo engages your child’s memory and concentration in a farm fresh way! Fast-moving fun; game pieces are in constant motion! Improves concentration and memory skills. First, use memory to collect all 12 eggs and return them to the crate. Then, use memory to cover all 12 eggs by chickens. The winning player is the one with the most complete eggshell in their scoring nest when all the eggs are covered.

8) Memory Matching Card Game ~ Caterpillar Clutter

FAST-PACED ADDICTIVE FAMILY GAME-with Multiple variations and challenges. MATCHING AND MEMORY-Catty the caterpillar has many feet. Find his shoes in this creative twist on the classic memory tray. A fun activity to introduce little ones to board games. KEY SKILLS– Builds focus, concentration and attention. Develops visual observation and discrimination. Promotes quick thinking and action, social skills and healthy competition while playing for all learners.

9) Hungry Four ~ A memory game for 3–7 yrs

Join the hungry animals in an entertaining memory & movement game. Multiple levels of play allow the game to grow with your child and lets older kids play with younger ones too. Perfect for kids for hours of screen-free activity. For the little ones, play a simple matching game—a game, the child will love to play alone also and not be bored. Kids learn simple strategy, following directions and taking turns. Develops memory, language, communication skills, attention and focus, and visual-spatial awareness and memory. Super easy to set up. Fast-paced and engaging for Preschoolers. A riot of fun and learning! Play indoors or outdoors.

10) A fun matching memory game with a twist ~ Lettuce Play

A flexible game that you can play for hours or finish in a few minutes. A fun matching and memory game with a twist. Played like bingo, the game is delicious! Start with simple picture matching and move to memory. Race to be the star chef by collecting all the ingredients for your dishes and be the first to shout ‘lettuce play.’ the box has more creative gameplays to add a further dash of fun and learning. Let the little chefs get creative in a contest of ‘most creative chef’ or grow your memory cells in an exciting game of ‘chef’s super memory.’ Builds visual observation & discrimination skillsmemorycreativity and personal & social skills.

As per my research on the brain and working memory games, a consistent time spent of 10–15 minutes every day for 10–12 weeks, is required to see a positive difference in kids.

These are simple tools for integrating games into your regular routines. And you can easily find all of them and many more life skill games on 

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