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10 Best Ways To Make Reading Interesting For Kids

10 Practical Experienced bits of Advice using which I got my daughter into lots of reading.

Not only do good reading skills benefit students academically, but they are also a skill required for lifelong success.

As parents, there are many different strategies you can use to motivate your child to read.

At times kids do not want to read because they think.

  • This is a task

Every child learns and understands the information differently. Some children tend to have a love for reading; some may not. Do not worry if your child falls under the latter category. Parent’s play a major role here in being the educators in a child’s life. Even when the child is in the womb, they recognise the parent’s voices. So reading to your baby for a few minutes gives them the comfort of your voice and listening abilities of the language.

Let’s see, as a parent how can we bring a change, which can make reading a fun element for kids:-

  1. Taking out daily 15 mins to sit next to them and read aloud. This can help in social, communication and language skills.

Some children might not want to read and are more playful. For them, you need to take things slow. Spending even 10–15 minutes daily reading to them is also good. Kids are very particular about their stuff and tend to take care. Like my daughter, everyday sleeps with a book and a soft toy next to her. This gives her a comforting feeling. They can snuggle books, toys or anything they love.

Benefits of reading are endless, but to sum it up, it opens their window of imagination, they learn a lot about different things.

I would share my experiences with my daughter on reading habits and the benefits which reading has in my next blog.

This blog is written by Ms Ankita Goyal, who is an entrepreneur and believes in “Learning by Playing” for life skill developments.


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