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Five Fun Indoor Activities for Kids to Beat the Boredom during Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has called out for a house arrest of many of us. In times as such, we as a company that provides children toys, books, and technical courses know child psychology as much as every parent handling kids aged 2-15 years does. Because our founder Ankita Goyal herself, has been cautiously nurturing her nine-year-old daughter. We know there isn’t one who manages the lockdown without their patience being tested when the children are forced to stay indoors. 

 After all, would we like to be shut indoors without going to school and meeting our friends regularly as a child? As parents, you will have to realize the same instead of being too hard on them and realize that it is your responsibility to keep your child’s spirits high and help them preserve their dynamic nature. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will see your kids lose their inner vibe post lockdown. We know it, and we have got your back. 

Here, we have curated a few indoor kids’ activities to provide active, fun learning opportunities to your kids during this lockdown.

Try Teaching and Yoga

If your kids are hyperactive, it might sound a daunting task to let them stay calm and composed. Yet, it can turn into a reality if you make them practice Yoga. Instead of just forcing them to sit for Yoga, what you can do is let them understand the true story behind this ancient discipline. 

Tip: Try illustrating how Yoga can benefit your hyperactive kids in boosting the energy of the things they love. For example, let’s say your kid is so much in love with playing football; try to explain how doing Yoga can enhance their confidence levels. It sounds cool, right?

Culinary Classes:

Well, this happens most of the time that kids turn out to spoil our favorite kitchens. It isn’t delightful to handle this, yet to avoid this, the best you can do is teach them cooking. Many of us have got plenty of time this quarantine. Who knows if you can push your learning efforts the best and be an online culinary teacher for kids?

Tip: Start culinary classes for your kids with the dishes they love the most because they will then find it interesting to learn and give a yummy review of their favorite cuisine.

Linguistic Skills

The lockdown has provided an ocean of digital learning opportunities. Learning new languages has never been this easy. Learning new languages can for sure cultivate communication skills in your kids. It helps them think out of the box. 

Tip: If you are kid is a comic fan, try showing them different French, Spanish, or any language web series and give them a daily task of learning to read and write their favorite dialogue from the movie in their training language.

A Creative Home Decor or Learning Space

The lockdown has killed the vibe of a live classroom. But, it is not just the end of learning. Try encouraging your kids to create a learning space that they would love to come and study. Not just the learning space, give them the freedom to create their own space in the entire house. This keeps them creatively occupied and also gives them the taste of self-love. 

Tip: Ask your kids to decorate a room first and if they master it, tell them that they can decorate the entire house as they love. 

Homeschooling can be effectively utilized to nurture the right talents of your kids. All you need to do is find their creative interests and figure out any fun activities out of them. Would you mind sharing with us the best creative fun activities you have taught your kids during the lockdown? Squarebag would love to listen to them and share them across our community. 

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