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How To Raise Creative Children

Drawing is a very creative and expressive way of a child’s development.

It also enhances your child’s different skills because it becomes an essential form of communication, which at times, words and actions fail to do. By using different colors, children can communicate their emotions or feelings.

An early start helps them to improve hand-eye coordination, encourages visual analysis, builds individual confidence, and develops fine motor skills.


SquareBagMy 8-year daughter trying to develop her gross motor skills

Painting plays a vital role in therapy for a child with different emotions. And while we talk about drawing from different parts of a body, it involves a sensory experience and gross motor skill.

Tried with her wrist

Tried from her elbow

I am the mother of an 8-year-old girl.

When I did this activity with her, she had all the challenges.

The question which she asked was, “Mumma, why can’t I draw with hands?” and that’s when I told her about how blessed she is because there are people who are born with many disabilities and many artists who have made their career by drawing from different parts of the body.

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Well, she was shocked to know this, and it developed a sense of gratitude within her and felt grateful to be born with hands and feet.

At times kids are not acquainted with lots of problems other kids are born with or are facing and just make a comparison with better ones. But different experiences in daily life can teach them about gratitude.

The sole purpose of doing this activity with my daughter was to put herself in other shoes and feel grateful for how blessed she is, and I an happy it cultivated the right feeling within her.

I would suggest all parents try with your kids too.

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