3 STEM based math & science educational games


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  1. Learn & Play: Learn & Play: This combo has the best card-based educational games – Half A Doodle + ticks & Tocks (2 math) & Drippity Drops (1 science) – which form the complete package for a super fun learning time with family & without screens.
  2. Reduces screen time significantly: STEM games are the best way to engage your 4yrs+ girls and boys and keep them away from all screens. Used in some international schools as teaching tools to help their students understand key math & science concepts.
    Skill Development: The math & science games mini combo helps cultivate cognitive abilities and creative+ strategic capabilities in children. It improves their logical understanding of different maths & science concepts like number value, water cycle, etc, and relates these to day-to-day observations and explorations. This game makes children love math & science as subjects instead of dreading them. The multiplayer mode of this game ensures that kids not only enjoy playtime but also bond with their friends and family while playing.
  3. Perfect Gift = Happy Kid: This game is the perfect birthday gift as well as a perfect return gift on your children’s birthday.
  4. All the games come with easy-to-understand instructions. Watch How-to-play video:

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