Animal Camouflage (3-D Close Up) Hardcover


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Get up close and personal with awesome animal disguises in the exciting new book, 3-D Close Up: Animal Camouflage. Filled with amazing close-up photographs, dramatic artwork, and engaging, insightful text, this book also includes four spectacular 3-D pop-up cross-sections starring amazing animals in and out of disguise! Learn why some animals need to hide (so they don’t get eaten!) and how they do it (zebras have stripes to blend in with the tall grasses of the African plains). Kids will love exploring this book and trying to spot all of the masters of disguise on its pages, including clever cuttlefish that can change color in less than a second, and clouded leopards whose spots keep them hidden among the trees of the rain forest.

About the Author

Daniel Gilpin studied zoology at Bristol University before becoming a professional natural history author. He has written more than 40 books and contributed to several encyclopedias. His work has been published both in Britain and abroad, with some titles translated into several different languages.

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