Bharata 600 BC Board Game for 14+ Go India Games (2 in 1)


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  • No of Players: 2,8
  • Age grp: 14+
  • An epic strategy game set in the ancient Indian subcontinent. Historically accurate, it offers an immersive experience into the era of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms).
  • Players assume the role of various Mahajanapada rulers. They get to lead their armies, manage their resources, and expand their kingdoms. At the same time, they have to protect their territories from rivals and natural disasters.
  • The game accommodates a large variety of play styles: combative, objective-based, explorative, or collaborative, which makes it highly inclusive for all genders, diverse age groups, and player types.
  • It includes 2 game versions: Basic and Advanced; 2-8 players; Ages: 14+ years (boys and girls) and Adults; Duration: 30-60 minutes (Basic), 60-90 minutes (Advanced).
  • High-end quality. 100 per cent made in India. Eco-friendly, with original Channapatna handcrafted wooden components, dyed with natural colours. Best for gifting. Great as a family activity and fun time connecting with friends.
  • Components Included: 1 Game Box which includes: 1 Game Board with map, 1 Rulebook, 4 Quick Start Guides, 4 Player Trackers, 16 Personality Cards, 32 Resource Modifier Cards, 80 Army Cards, 80 Coins, 30 Trade Objects, 5 VP Condition Prize Cards, 8 Handcrafted Wooden Armies, 40 Handcrafted Wooden Forts, 16 Handcrafted Wooden Tracker Pegs, 36 Ability Cards, 16 Ability Action Tokens, 70 Event Cards, 88 Event Tokens, 25 Hidden Tokens

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Bharata 600 BC is a board game set in the 6th century BC Indian subcontinent. This is the end of the Vedic period and the rise of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms). In Bharata 600 BC, each player assumes the role of a Mahajanapada ruler, trying to make their kingdom the most predominant power in the ancient Indian subcontinent. Each player begins the game with a set of resources, 2 armies, and a different start location. In addition, players get to create their game avatars by choosing a combination of personality traits and abilities. During the game, players decide how to manage their resources (iron, wood, food, coins, and trade objects), lead their armies (increase their army strength and use their armies for attack or defence), and expand their kingdoms (via direct combat or settling in far-off lands). They also have to protect their kingdoms from rivals, natural disasters, and social events, such as riots. Their actions and achievements are rewarded with Victory Points that contribute to determining the game-winner. Bharata 600 BC gives players a great level of control over their destiny. They can opt-in or out of a combat strategy, an objective-based strategy, a competitive or collaborative approach. As players find themselves in a dynamic game context, they have to adapt their strategy and choices to the evolving scenarios. This is the time when tough decisions have to be made, and players get to experience the joys and challenges of being a ruler of a Great Kingdom.

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