Brain Cache: Card Game to Build Working Memory (Fun Family Game, 7+ Years)


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* Fun and fast-paced game: Be the first one to get rid of all your memory cards by giving the right answers to the questions. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. You must memorize your card before someone shouts out ‘CACHE’. FYI, the one who shouts out CACHE also gets special advantages in the game. What would you do now? Memorize the card or shout out Cache first. Remember Brain Cache is all about remembering fast and effectively.

* Game for one and all: No letters and alphabets are used in the game. So, children or adults with minimum prior knowledge can play the game making it a fun family game. Family time is more fun and educational with Brain Cache. In fact, Me-time can also be equally fun and educational. Single-player can play the game in practice mode using the basic game rules.

* Take it a notch higher: The game has multiple built-in difficulty levels which can be played using the same set of cards. Players can keep challenging themselves till they attain the maximum capacity of working memory.
Skills: Working memory facilitates the development of lower-order thinking skills like attention, flexibility, and memory as well as higher-order thinking skills like Creativity and Critical thinking.

* Great Gift: Brain Cache is a great gift for multiple occasions. Be it birthdays or festivals. Give a gift to your brain and to the brain of your loved ones.

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BRAIN CACHE is a fun and exciting game way to build your working memory. Many scientific elements are packaged into the game design that makes Brain Cache an effective and useful game for learning across all ages. A sincere play every day will give a good workout to your working memory. What is the working memory? It is the brain’s workstation where information is temporarily stored and processed before we perform any task. Typical working memory fails are: losing your chain of thoughts in a discussion, forgetting why you opened the fridge door, difficulty in grasping multi-step processes or doing simple mental calculations, forgetting names, OTPs, and many more. Overall, working memory facilitates planning, comprehension, reasoning, and problem-solving. Age group: 7+ Time of play: 15-30 min Number of Players: 1-8

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