Caring Cats ~ Kindness Around Town (6-12 yrs)


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  • FUN INTERACTIVE KINDNESS GAME- where kids learn good habits and manners, learn to be polite, help, take turns and be respectful.
  • HOW TO PLAY- Respond to situation picture cards. Compete to collect charms by helping, sharing, giving, making, being thoughtful or kind with your words. Or win together as a team in a cooperative game as you beat the Mean Mouse.
  • ENGAGING POSITIVE ROLE MODELS – 5 KIND cats teach children 5 ways to be kind. This learning game is a favorite with families! Turn your game responses into missions you do in real life. Screen-free activities
  • ORIGINAL THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: Connect, have conversations, think of different ways to be kind in a situation- no act of kindness is ever wasted. Make this world a better place!
  • SKILL BUILDER-Develops cognitive, social skills, language, and empathy. 

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How to Play (2 ways)

Compete against each other- Move around the board and think of kind ways to respond in picture scenarios around. If you can come up with a kind act, collect a charm. Collect 5 charms to win the game.

Play a cooperative game- Cooperate with other players and beat the Mean Mouse by doing 5 kind deeds before the Mean Mouse destroys the School of Pawsitivity.

A great thoughtful gift for girls and boys. Play at home or in the classroom.

Contains An attractive Board in a box, 4 Cat Movers, 1 Mean Mouse Mover, 20 Caring Cats Token, 20 Heart Charms, 30 Cards, 1 Wooden die, and Instructions. Instructions include fun descriptions of each Caring Cat.

A unique game to build character and values. Speak to each other and talk about activities you can do to be kind. Come up with new ideas, discuss and express feelings and support each other to create a happy and positive world.

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