Combo 2: Scavenger Hunt and Country Snap


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A super interesting combo for kids 3+

– Great games that work on multiple senses at one time

– Both games offer amazing opportunities for kinaesthetic learning

– Superb combo for birthday gifts

– Can be used as flash cards for younger children

1. Scavenger Hunt

Do you know that children learn best through the process of discovery? Scavenger Hunt has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly combine playing and learning so that children can fully experience the true joy of learning! Colourful cards with clearly illustrated attributes of everyday objects make learning easy and fun. The fun quotient doubles when the little ones pick a card and go on a joyful hunt to find an object that matches the attribute in the card. This sharpens their ability to focus, to visually perceive, to remember and most importantly to think creatively. As the setting changes from your living room to the kitchen, the garden, a friend’s house, a park, beach or a holiday resort, new avenues for adventurous learning open up! So wherever you are, unpack this vibrant set of cards and gear up for a great time of bonding with your kids!

2. Country Snap


You have no choice but to get your kids acquainted with every corner of the global village. But you have a choice in how you do it. Can you think of an absolutely ‘fantastic way to make kids learn about countries in the world without using those darned screens?

We did! We are happy to present ‘COUNTRY SNAP’ an exciting card game that delightfully combines both learning and laughter. This colourful set of 52 cards has interesting pictorial information about 13 countries like their outline map, flag, costume, and a cultural or architectural or natural speciality. You can use them as flashcards to teach your kids about the countries. But when your kids have a play date with a bunch of their friends or when your fam wants to banish the boredom out of a lazy Sunday afternoon, all you need to do is pick this card set, huddle them around a table or a mat and play one of two terrific games – Country Snap and Snap!

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