Combo 3: Scavenger Hunt and Mashed


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Do you know that children learn best through the process of discovery? Scavenger Hunt has been thoughtfully designed to seamlessly combine playing and learning so that children can fully experience the true joy of learning! Colourful cards with clearly illustrated attributes of everyday objects make learning easy and fun. The fun quotient doubles when the little ones pick a card and go on a joyful hunt to find an object that matches the attribute in the card. This sharpens their ability to focus, to visually perceive, to remember and most importantly to think creatively. As the setting changes from your living room to the kitchen, the garden, a friend’s house, a park, beach or a holiday resort, new avenues for adventurous learning open up! So wherever you are, unpack this vibrant set of cards and gear up for a great time of bonding with your kids!


Break the languor of long afternoons or the listlessness of late nights with this exciting card game. Brilliantly conceived by two young mammas at Big Little Things, MASHED is the perfect way to spruce up the fun when families or friends get together. Deceptively simple and delightfully stimulating, this set of colourful cards can engage and energize kids and grown-ups alike. Each player has to try hard to tame the repetitive words tumbling off their tongues and to activate their reflexes at the same time so that they don’t end up being the last to cover the card in the centre. Throw the occasional imperatives for some absurdly funny actions, like crocodile-chomping or monkey-acting into the mix and what ensues is a cacophony of laughter and merriment!

Benefits of the Game :

– Develops Concentration – Improves Diction – Activates reflexes -Relieves Stress -Fosters bonding & Enlivens a get-together

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Dimensions 13.6 × 9.9 × 2.3 cm
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