Combo – Dare to Spell + Fictionary Dictionary


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Combo set of 2 games

Perfect Spelling skills and Fluent reading skills.

1) Dare to Spell – The hilarious spelling game! This delightful picture game helps kids ace spelling using laugh-out-loud dares! Each page features an object and its spelling with missing alphabets. Age: 5 to 8 yrs

Skills developed are Language Skills Thinking and Problem solving, Social and Emotional skills

2) Fictionary Dictionary – Fictionary Dictionary, ideal for kids of ages 5 to 9 years, uses children’s imagination and love for storytelling to help them master 300 commonly used words, including Sight Words (these words make up over 85% of all written material in English)! Using 300 words and 300 pictures, this game helps kids instantly spot and understand the words, which goes a long way in boosting their reading skills. Plus, telling stories helps them form perfect sentences and become more creative.

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