Como Set of 3 Learning Games


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Como set of 3 Games

1)  Tik Tok – Tick

  • ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL- A fun, interactive clock game- identify and recognize. Boosts productivity.
  • SKILL BUILDER-Develop attention and concentration skills. Builds visual tracking skills which are essential for numerical development. Perfect for age 5 to 12 yrs

2)  Green Day

  • MULTIPLE SKILL BUILDING Acquire academic knowledge, essential life skills such as decision making, critical thinking, and focus, and gain moral values like responsible living, discipline, patience, honesty, embracing failure, and respect for opponents. Best for age 5 to 12 yrs

3) Do u see me

  • LEARN THE FUN WAY A enjoyable way to learn about animals while reducing screen time and improving social interactions and connections within families.
  • TRAVEL CARD GAME A fun card game to keep your child engaged in play while learning about the animal kingdom at the same time.
  • SKILL BUILDING THROUGH PLAY – A fun way to teach and develop knowledge in children about the animal kingdom. Acquire life skills such as observation and speed and moral values such as kindness, embracing failure, and respect for opponents. Age 4 to 12 yrs

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