Dino Twist


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Dino Twist is a family game of cards, fast and smart, where players will have to fight the Dinos on the island of Twist, then recover them on their islands to score the most points. But beware of the events that will spice up the battles!

Time is running out on Twist Island! It’s one catastrophe after another with meteors raining from the sky.
Only the best Dinos will make it to the neighboring islands.

Get the strongest Dinos, collect the Big Claws Dino cards, or populate your island as quickly as you can.
Make up your mind and choose your strategy before Twist Island gets destroyed!

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Sharp your claws and fangs, avoid disasters, meteors, and gather the strongest dinosaurs!

The goal of the game is to have the strongest Dino on your island.

How to play:
In the begin chose randomly 10 events on the 25, it will give a 10-15 min game.
At the beginning of each turn, you reveal an event that applies to all players (except the first turn).
All players together, choose Dino from their hand, place it face down and reveal simultaneously.
If you play the same Dino (same species and same strength) you can’t attack the Island of Twist and you discard your Dino in the cemetery.
The smaller Dino strike first, attacks the Dino on the Island of Twist and takes it back to its own Island.
Each species can only attack its species.
To attack a Dino, your Dino must be strongest (look at the number of strength)

At the end of the 10 events, the player with the most point on his island is the winner.

There is a bonus, for the player who finishes the Island first, second and third, and the player with the most Dino with big claws).

In the game, you have two different Islands, one for children, initiation, and one for the adult more advanced game. In the advanced game you will have to respect the territories and species, whereas, in the children game, you will be free to put any Dino of any species on your Island.


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