Educational Maths Flash Cards with Magic Glass (Age 8 Years): Captain Torto


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* Master all learning objectives of Grade 3 Maths Numbers and Operations
* Perfect for practice and application of concepts
* Completely game-based and great for skill development
* Ideal for revision and recall of entire topic
* Modular flashcards are numbered in increasing order of difficulty

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Buy Captain Torto Flashcards and introduce your child to the new wave of learning. These game-based flashcards have encoded answers that can only be revealed by the Magic GlassTM (included). You have to see it to believe it! Captain Torto Flashcards are aligned to the learning objectives of all educational boards and perfect for mastering concepts of 3rd standard numbers, operations, money and patterns. Package Contents: General Flashcards: 40; Application Flashcards: 10; Magic Glass: 1.

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