Fat Brain Toys Pop Emz


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  • Suction craft art set with colorful mini hexagon-shaped suction cups
  • Encourages design skills, fine motor dexterity, planning, art play
  • Design and decorate on windows, tables, mirrors, the edges of a smart device, and more
  • Create your own designs and images or follow the design guide to get started
  • Opaque colors are green, pink, blue, yellow-orange, purple
  • Age: 5 and above
  • Single or Multiplayer

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Pop and stick, design and decorate, then do it all over again with this reusable suction craft art set. Making art with hundreds of colorful suction cups is an afternoon of pop popping possibility. These mini hexagons nest like little pixels for gapless art projects on any non-porous surface. Design your own amazing geometric patterns, cartoon images, fun borders, and more. Make a pirate ship on the bathroom mirror, a rabbit on the glass of the screen door, or a car on the inside window of your parents’ car. Design a colorful pizza on the refrigerator or make a driving path on the coffee table for your favorite toy car. Stick them to windows like stained glass, decorate for holidays, use for mirror play, embellish the edges of your favorite smart device, follow the patterns in the booklet or design your own fantabulous art. There is no limit to your imagination. Includes 252 pieces in 6 vibrant colors.

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