Galaxy Raiders: Educational Game (Ages 9+)


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  • 4-in-1 Maths Learning Kit with Board Game
  • Ideal for all educational boards and syllabi
  • Game-based learning and skill development
  • Play and learn with the entire family
  • A perfect solution to reduce mobile and TV time

Product Dimensions: 40.64 x 22.86 x 7.62 cm

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The LUMA World “Galaxy Raiders” kit is packed with 5 core components that provide complete knowledge of the concept to the learner. Buy Galaxy Raiders and introduce your child to an entire learning multiverse. Enjoy with them as they set forth on a galactic conquest to capture planets and moons using their mathematical prowess. See them transform into problem-solving geniuses right before your eyes! Also in the kit are books with real-life scenarios to propel their application and conceptual knowledge to a new level. Finally, use our game-based flashcards and Magic Glass to bring out the inner spymaster in them and ace the topic entirely! This kit is perfect to get them off screens and develop a plethora of skills. It will get them to love maths and the entire family can be an active part of their educational journey. With LUMA, go beyond academics and add WOW to learning! Academic Skills: Learn all about operations with numbers and unravel different arithmetic ways to calculate an answer. ● 6-digit numbers ● Operations with numbers ● Word Problems ● Money ● Estimation ● Roman numbers || Life Skills: Improve critical thinking, problem-solving and develop the ability to make decisions on the fly. ● Mental Maths ● Problem Solving ● Reverse Engineering ● Long-term Planning ● Resource Management ● Peer Learning || Moral Values: Develop empathy and respect for opponents while learning tenets of of healthy competition. ● Importance of helping others ● Ability to relate to others’ problems ● Learning from failure ● Patience

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