Go Discover Interactive Early Learning Smart Book


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  • 9 such action-packed books
  • 48 re-recordable stickers; Skillset: Speaking Skills, Creativity & Imagination, Hand & Eye Co-ordination
  • An interactive pen, All the 9 books offer multitudes of fun, education, and engagement for kids aged 2-4 years
  • Charger
  • Headphone
  • Data cable

Package Dimensions: 34.5 x 29.2 x 7.4 cm

The purpose of discovery is to make everything simple. Learning is a very natural instinct we all have, let’s keep it like that. When we say learning, we don’t really mean education or academic learning but just about anything new – an experience, a mood, a subject, a culture, a language, a cuisine, a religion, faith, or even a,b,c,d. We are born with five amazing sensory instincts that we learn from. We can see, hear, speak, smell, and touch. You would have noticed the difference in your quality of experience when what you are doing involves one or more of your senses. Sometimes just reading a paper-book is all that we need and sometimes we can’t get enough of television and some other times, a good food relaxes us the most! We, at discover bring just that right bit of technology for you to enjoy learning in the most traditional, organic, and simple ways. Simplify everything! Our first series of products book for children. The subjects for the books are the most common ones but the concept behind the content, design, and technology is what simplifies even the most common subjects like the first hundred words, vegetables, and fruits… The products are to be experienced to believe, go discover!

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