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  • Continents and oceans, map of India, musical instruments, human body, advanced shapes, solar system, hindi varnmala, means of transport, sounds, occupations, road signs and seasons
  • Multi-sensory experience on paper
  • Enhances listening and observation
  • Covers complete sphere of knowledge
  • 5000+ Facts
  • 140+ Re-recordable stickers
  • Record to add information and play it back
  • A2 size – big and easy to use
  • Works well for solo and group engagement
  • Designed for advanced cognitive development

GoDiscover smart chart is a set of 12 highly interactive charts where each topic is an encyclopaedia in itself. Hours of engaging audio content on each chart can be heard with just a gentle touch of the interactive pen on different parts of each chart. Includes very layered information, sounds, trivia and funny one liners. Child can also record own information and hear it back too. Makes learning a two way process.

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – Set of 12 interactive charts that open an immersive experience in learning, engagement, and fun. An interactive talking pen, a chart of 141 re-recordable stickers, charger, headphone and data cable is included in the set. Topics – Continents & Oceans, Human Body, Hindi Varnmala, India, Occupations, Seasons, Advanced Shapes, Solar System, Sound, Means of Transportation, Musical Instrument, Road Signs.
  • CONCEPT BEHIND THE PRODUCT – The purpose of goDiscover Interactive series is to keep learning an interactive process via involvement of multiple senses in the most safe and natural manner. SmartChart is for parents / teachers who want to build on the existing knowledge of their child. Our charts engage maximum number of a child’s senses. This concept along with the design and technology used, simplifies knowledge and information intake, that boosts their cognitive and analytical skills and encourages curiosity.
  • INTERACTION WITH SMARTCHART – The charts explain concepts that build knowledge and aid children in their regular school curriculum without the pressure of learning. They are full of interactive and attention-grabbing colourful content. Using the SmartPen, the charts can be brought to life. They can hear and record the information. The information on chart is assorted and designed in such a way that every child can explore at their own pace and interest without feeling overwhelmed.
  • INTERACTIVE PEN – SmartPen is like a friend of your little one. It reads when pointed to the content, asks fun questions, listens + records you and plays the recording whenever required till it is re-recorded.
  • OWN CONTENT CREATION WITH STICKBUDDY – The set also comes with a chart of 141 re-recordable stickers. Child or parents/ teachers can record in their voice, in any language and stick it on any surface. Paste a Stick Buddy on anything, for instance a book, Touch the ‘Record’ button and start recording and then Touch the ‘Play Me’ button to playback your recent recording. Using StickBuddy, the information on any chart can be doubled, in quantity and in value. The StickBuddy allows recording and playback on charts with which information, on the same or allied subjects, can be built in subsequent recordings.
  • SUITABLE FOR 5 TO 10 YEARS OF AGE – When it comes to learning, we often tend to stress on just reading and writing forgetting that children are always listening and speaking. goDiscover interaction series brings these senses together giving the young minds opportunity to explore learning in whatever way they are comfortable with
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