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Age grp: 8 and above
No of Players: 2-4

You and your clan must fight for control over the Forest of Grandbois by having the most presence and the most well-placed lookout tower.

After secretly drawing a clan in Grandbois, each player picks a forest tile, which depicts four forest squares that have 1-4 clan members of one of five colors, just a forest, or a bear. They then add this tile to the rest of the forest, covering at least one-quarter of an existing tile. You can cover existing squares only if the covering squares have more clan members on them (or a bear as the bear beats them all).

You also have a tower you can place on an empty square of a tile that you just placed, scoring points for having clan members on adjacent tiles — but the sooner you place your tower, the sooner your opponents will have a big clue on which clan actually belongs to you!

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Pull your Clans chestnuts out of the fire!

Secretly play as one of the 5 clans
Place a tile to expand the forest. Will you bury your opponent or will you bluff to protect your secret identity
Be smart and get the most golden chestnuts

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