Hexbug Carded Glow Nano


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  • The Nano family is diverse and includes several unique “series”, named after the world’s most accomplished scientists and their key discoveries
  • There are also rare mutations that can be found within each series
  • The HEXBUG Nano Collection is available in an assortment of colors and patterns One button cell battery AG13 (LR44) is included with each

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The fabulous new Hexbug Carded Glow Nano fosters your growing munchkin’s creativity and successfully chases away the possibilities of him ever suffering from fear or anxiety to anything insect related. A terrific micro robot which uses the sound science of vibrations to propel itself forward and venture into its surroundings, this fabulous new offering is powered by a single motor and has 12 legs to move around on, closely resembling the movements of a insect in its natural habitat.

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.4 x 2.3 cm

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