Kid O Free play Magnatab


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  • Children can use their imaginations to draw pictures, shapes, letters, and numbers!
  • Sensory-based drawing and learning!
  • The stylus is the “pen” and the tablet is the “paper”–the magnetic stylus pulls beads to the surface to “draw”–easily “erases” with the press of a finger or sideswipe of the stylus!
  • Great for at-home use, classroom and travel!
  • Durable toy and learning tool for ages 3 and up!

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Kids can use their imagination to draw or write using the stylus. Simply use the stylus to pull the beads to the surface of the board. This is a kid-powered toy for ages 3 and up, no batteries are required. This is ideal for home, classroom, or on-the-go use. It’s ideal for preschoolers learning to write as well as older kids who want a tech-free play experience. Write, draw, or doodle. To erase, simply use your fingers or swipe the board with the side of the stylus so the beads drop back into the board.

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