Laughing Kookaburra – Chalk and Chuckles


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A hilarious workout for your visual & auditory memory

80 interferences that will challenge your remembering & winning

Boosts active working memory, which is a skill needed for tasks like following multi-step directions or solving a math problem in your head. Those who can hold many items in their mind may be well equipped to consider different angles of a complex problem simultaneously

Contains:48 Double-sided cards, 55 cards with 80 Interference prompts, 1 Kookaburra Eggspression board

Age: 6+ years

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Exercise your memory muscles with Kookaburra?s hysterical laughter and maniacal cackling in 2 creative gameplays. Take turns to draw Kookaburra Eggspression cards. Remember an increasing series of Eggspressions by pointing to the Eggspressions on the board. If you draw an ?Interference card?, perform the activity in all its seriousness before pointing to the correct sequence of Eggspressions. If you forget the sequence of Eggspressions, get ready for a ?Kookaburra Prove it?. If you lose, collect all the cards. Be the 1st to get rid of your cards. Keen observation, memory and focus are a must! In another game, Laugh out loud. Remember an increasing series of laughter words ?Haw? ?Heehaw? ?Ho ho? ?gi-gi? Sounds easy? Wait until you?re rolling with multiple laughter words and all the ?Interference?! Be careful as laughter is a serious business here! Contains: 48 Double-sided cards, 55 cards with 80 Interference prompts, 1 Kookaburra Eggspression board.

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