Name Place Animal Thing Card Game for Age 8+


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A super fun strategy card game based on the classic favorite game Name – Place – Animal – Thing. Remember playing it on paper?

In the card game version, race to collect sets of name, place, animal, thing cards of the same alphabet faster than your opponents. Use wild cards, lock your sets, steal your opponent’s sets – use your strategy to win the game! But wait there’s a catch – do you know the right words to play your cards?

Easy to play, fast-thinking, and competitive – this game will be the perfect addition to your family game nights or get-togethers with friends.

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Why should you get this?

  • Equally engaging for kids & adults
  • Perfect to play with family & friends
  • Develops strategy & enhances vocabulary in kids
  • Nostalgia hits hard for adults
  • Competition gets real (for everyone!)


  • 150 cards (Size: 3.5 * 2.25 inches)
  • 1 illustrated rule book
  • 1 rigid, durable box

In the card game version of Name Place Animal Thing:

  • Place cards of name, place, animal, and thing of any alphabet in front of you to make sets.
  • Speak out names or places or animals or things based on each card you play.
  • Use power-ups and bonus cards to turn the game around in your favor.
  • Win the game by creating three sets faster than your opponents!

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