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This set of colouring books, for kids of ages 3+, reinforces phonics knowledge through colouring. Not only that, each page has a hidden surprise for kids who can finish the colouring activity correctly ? a powerful incentive for kids to do a good job and get better at phonics!

  • Phonics: Learning phonics, ie, the sounds that the various letters make, is not just an ordinary skill for Kids. It is THE KEY skill for kids to master before they learn how to spell.
  • Children love colouring and Picasso Phonics turns this favourite activity into a great learning experience for the child.
  • Two levels of colouring books ? Level 1(easier) and Level 2 (more challenging). Each book covers all the simple consonants and vowels
  • Academic Benefit of this game: Children will master the sounds of all the simple consonants and vowels ? the building block of three and four letter words
  • With two levels of colouring books, and dozens of pages, children will stay engaged over days, colouring and learning phonics at the same time.
  • How to play: First up, check the page corner for the sound and the number of objects to be identified with that starting sound (or first sound). Let your child identify all the right objects and start colouring in the girds where those objects are. Once all the right grids have been coloured in, a hidden surprise emerges, ie, another object with the same starting sound

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