Piggies Vs Wolf Educational Board Game to Improve Letter – Object Matching Skills for Boys and Girls


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Ages 3.5 to 5 years

In this cooperative educational board game, children use their Letter ? Object matching skills to help the little pigs hurry back home before the bad wolf can get to them. It is a wonderful way for children to expand their Letter to Object matching skills before they start learning simple spellings.

  • ABC-Object association: Learning to match letters to objects, like A for Apple and B for Ball, is not just an ordinary skill for Kids. It is THE KEY skill for kids to master before they learn how to spell.
  • Academic Benefit of this game: With 150 picture cards, kids can practice this skill over a much larger set of objects than the handful that they will learn in school and really master this skill and thus be much better prepared to learn how to spell.
  • How to play: Run Piggies Run! From the big bad wolf! Kids pick a picture card without looking, identify the letter it starts with and move their piggy tokens to next space with that letter. Eg, if a kid picks a picture of a dinosaur, he moves his token to the next D on the board. All kids have to move likewise to the piggies home before the wolf can get there.
  • Cooperative game: In this game, all the players cooperate with each other to make sure ALL the piggies reach home before the wolf. This helps them understand the benefits of sharing and helping each other, and also creative ways to solve problems as a group adding to their emotional and social development..

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