Puppet Phonics Educational game to improve Phonics skills for boys and girls


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A unique way to learn Phonics through delightful stories and playful puppets

This unique and innovative educational game, for kids of ages 3+, brings together storytelling, puppets and phonics lessons! As you read to your child the three delightful stories, and together play with the three very naughty puppet monsters, your kid will get better and better at phonics of simple consonants and vowels

  • Phonics: Learning phonics, ie, the sounds that the various letters make, is not just an ordinary skill for Kids. It is THE KEY skill for kids to master before they learn how to spell.
  • Puppet Phonics combines cute engaging stories with Puppets to turn story time into a great learning experience for the child.
  • Academic Benefit of this game: Children will master the sounds of the simple consonants and vowels ? the building block of three and four letter words
  • With three charming stories of three different monsters, this unique product combines storytelling and puppetry to impart valuable learning of phonics.
  • How to play: First up, assemble the three puppets. Then read the stories from any of the three story book while animating the corresponding puppet. As you read the story, your child matches picture cards to sounds. Guide your child gently if he or she makes a mistake. And shower words of encourage for every right answer.

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