Rubiks Cube 4*4 funskool


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Cube Order:4×4

  • Material: Fiber
  • Age: 8+ Years
  • Skillset: Creativity & Imagination, Memory Building, Problem Solving, Analysis & Critical Thinking, Hand & Eye Co-ordination

A colorful puzzle that occupies your children and helps them in their overall development is here from Funskool.

Improves Eye-Hand Coordination

Solving this puzzle definitely improves your child’s eye-hand coordination as they try to match the colors of the cube using their hands and stay focused.

Encourages Logical Thinking

Rubiks Cube encourages your children to build up their analytical skills and logical thinking as they think how to solve the puzzle.

Aesthetic Colors And Designs

The colors of the cube are aesthetic and come with a neat design.

Dimension : 4 X 4 inches

Measuring 4 X 4 inches, this cube can be carried everywhere and handled easily by your children.



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