Samrat Board Games for Adults and Kids Based On Real Indian History


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  • A highly compelling, strategy war game in which each player is a king
  • Acquire resources, raise army, attack other kings – experience the life of a king
  • Real kings, realistic map, real objectives
  • Fascinating toy for boys, girls and adults of age 8-12 years and above
  • Good quality, international standard game components; Best for birthday gifts

Product Dimensions: 22.9 x 24.1 x 5.1 cm

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Samrat is a board game set in 12th CE India. This is the time when Muhammad Ghori plans to take over India, which was ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan from Delhi, Raja Jaichand from Kannauj & Raja Bhimdev II from Gujarat. While history notes the success story of Ghori, Samrat gives its players a chance to rewrite history. How The Game Works Each player is a king from medieval India & earns stars by completing objectives, some of which are based on real Indian history! Build camps to produce Gold, Stone & Wood resources, raise an army, conduct battles & complete objectives. The first player to earn 5 stars (2 players) or 7 stars (3 or 4 players) wins the game!

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Dimensions 22.9 × 24.1 × 5.1 cm
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