Shapes Ahoy Educational STEM Board Game to Master Shapes for Boys and Girls.


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Shapes Ahoy educational game is themed around a nautical adventure to discover the lost island of Montismo. Children use their knowledge of shapes and solids to reach the island before the other pirate captains do. They battle monsters and receive help from friendly forces on their journey. Plenty of riches await, but becoming a whiz at shapes is the biggest treasure of them all!

  • A strong knowledge of shapes and solid (3D shapes) is a necessity for young learners to recognize and differentiate various letters and numbers.
  • Learning shapes is also the first step to learning geometry ? a key component of Math education
  • Academic Benefit: Shapes Ahoy is a pirate themed action packed board game that helps a child get familiar with 15 key shapes and solids and lays a strong foundation for letter recognition and geometry
  • Not just that! It also helps develop strategic thinking and logical decision making.
  • How to play: Players draw shapes cards, match that shape with the same shape on the board and navigate the high seas. On their journey, they can receive helpful aids that boost their journey, or fall prey to dangers that may hinder their progress. The special Multi shape cards also test their ability to think logically and take decisions.

Product Dimensions: 43 x 30 x 3 cm

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