Sparklebox Edge avoiding Robot Using IR | Ideal for Age 10 Years and Above.


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  • Easy-to-build robot cars with sensors to control actuators.
  • Fun and engaging activity involving coding to build DIY robots.
  • Hands-on experience in building the light following robot.
  • No soldering is required, appropriate for age 10 years and above.
  • Engaging educational kit for young explorers.


A DIY Robotics Kit for children using which they can make an edge-avoiding robot by building the car robot chassis, simple circuit connections with sensors & actuators, and coding to the microcontroller board. Children can enjoy their time with IR sensors, motor drivers. While they have fun with robotics, they improve their academic performance as well as confidence. Get this kit home and boost your child’s interest in technology, electronics, robotics, and circuits.

1xMicrocontroller board 1xUSB cable 1xMotor Driver 2xMotors 1xCar Chassis 2xWheels 1xCaster Wheel 2xBatteries 9V 2xBattery cap 1xIR Sensor 1xScrewdriver 20xJumperwires 6xNut & bolts 1xscale 10xDouble sided tapes

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