Super Math Spy – Mental Maths, Educational Family Game


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  • Spies on a mission in an Equation Making Game- Fast-paced, fun game with lots of sums and calculations. Use the Decoder Glasses to read the numbers on tokens
  • Addictive Math Game for the whole family- Wear the decoder glasses and take 5 cards each. Roll the operation dice. Rush to make an equation by picking up fingerprint tokens, 1-9 to make the number on your mission card. Be the first to get rid of all 5 cards and the Super Maths Spy Master
  • Develops Logical-Mathematical Intelligence- Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Be a mental math genius. Builds Active Working Memory, Logic, Strategy, Problem Solving skills, Quick thinking, Attention, and focus
  • Perfect GIFTS for children: Super Maths Spy is a hit at both home and classrooms. Interactive learning. Favorite with kids and dads. You will fall in love with maths
  • Non-Toxic and Safe. Box includes 100 mission cards, 27 number tokens, 1 wooden die, 4 decoder glasses. Suitable for ages 8-12, Players 2 to 4

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Spies are on a mission! Solve the mystery of Math, with decoder glasses and lots of sums and calculations in the shortest time. Take up the mental challenge and speed up your mental maths in an equation-making game. Reach your mission before your friends.

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