The Pretty Sunny-est Summer Satchel (5 STEM card games and 6 STEM activities)


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It’s like a playground in your pocket.

This special edition of our satchel contains:

  1. Tens & Tiaras: Learn the evens, the odds, and the number value system while sticking the jewels of your tiaras with Jessica Mobaska.

  2. Code-ayana: Learn & Play with coding concepts like building algorithms and debugging errors while helping Sita find the route to Rama.

  3. Half A Doodle: Learn the fractions while playing this Pictionary game and drive away from the fear of math subjects forever with our lovely Shiuri.

  4. Dripping Drops: Learn the water cycle and identify the processes in your natural environment while collecting as many droplets as you can with Jessica Mobaska.

  5. Take the Cake: Learn to do mental addition in subtractions magically while grabbing all the cupcakes you can with Shuiri.

  6. 31 days Math Calendar: a super creative calendar that your little one can use irrespective of the month

  7. Popsicle Game: A math with colourful popsicles is perfect for some number revision during break.

  8. Nature Scavenger Hunt: A nature-inspired scavenger hunt that enables them to observe their natural surroundings carefully.

  9. Scientist Sudoku: A sudoku inspired by scientists that helps build problem-solving skills

  10. STEM stories Dices: 2 creative DIY dices for imaginative thinking and super fun storytime.

  11. Reading Bingo: A bingo inspired by book reading but with a twist will make sure the reading continues throughout the summer vacation.

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This satchel is for the age group of 4-9 years

STEM skill: Logical reasoning, Analytical thinking, Visual discrimination, Numeracy, cognitive abilities, hand-to-eye co-ordination

Additional Benefits:

  • promotes family time

  • non- screenplay

  • learn with fun

no more fear of STEM subjects

Best for gifting a perfect non-screen summertime

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