Ticks & Tocks | Educational Digital & Analog Clock Learning Game children love to play


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  1. Learn & Play: Make children fall in love with concept of time while they play. Country of Origin: India
  2. Reduces screen time significantly: STEM games are the best way to engage your 6+yrs old kids to even adults. And keep them away from all screens. Used in some international schools as teaching tools to help their students understand key math concepts.
    More play, More practice: The  hugely entertaining value of this game ensures that kids get more practice than in classrooms or worksheets, because of repeated play.
  3. Skill Development: Ticks & Tocks is an excellent clock reading tool; It cultivates cognitive development and helps memory building. It improves their concentration and strategic understanding.
  4. Perfect Gift = Happy Kid: This game is the parent’s perfect gift for their child and children’s perfect birthday present for their best buddies. 
  5. The box includes international quality learning based card game with 40 attractive (38 digital and analog time cards + 2 special feature cards), 1 story booklet featuring Raga. All the games come with instructions which are very easy to understand. Watch How-to-play video:

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Glitter meet gravity, science meet stickers, cupcakes meet coding. 

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) games for every pretty and geeky child. 


The Pretty Geeky card games help reinforce STEM concepts in a way that resonates with and appeals to kids between 4-10. With each game having a fun, geeky character and backstory of its own, these attractive, convenient and easy-to-use packs make for perfect companions on weekends and holidays (when academia tends to get rusty). Quality family time and non-screen play are other big benefits (Which parent doesn’t pray for these?!).


Teachers and Parents, these games make for great teaching tools helping reinforce concepts using play and not rote or rigour. Many international schools use these games to help their students understand various math and science concepts.


What more? These games are carefully crafted by founder and Chief Mom, Sheetal Parekh. Read about her quest to make learning math and science a fun experience for kids across the globe @


Long story short, The Pretty Geeky is here to help raise a generation that love decimals as much as doodles!


Time to put your game face ON! 


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