Tik Tok Tick Educational Game for 5+


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  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY- Children will love learning how to read a clock and numbers with our attractive board game. Fast fun game to develop their knowledge of time.
  • ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL- A fun, interactive clock game- identify and recognize. Boosts productivity.
  • SKILL BUILDER-Develop attention and concentration skills. Builds visual tracking skills which are essential for numerical development.
  • BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS, BOYS, AND GIRLS 5-12 YRS- Ideal for playing with friends and family and for learning at home. A must-have for homeschooling. Childs birthday or any special occasion, give the gift box of learning.

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The game can be played in three levels and from single to multiplayer mode. It is the perfect mix of fun and learning! Contains:- Clocks- 4 Time cards – 72 Bonus:- Reward chart Star sticker sheet SET UP:- All players will take one clock each -Keep the pile of time cards in between all players, faced down (chose the level of cards to be played and remove the other level time cards) HOW TO PLAY:- On the go, the top most time card from the draw pile is flipped to face-up. – Each player then moves the hands (hours and minutes) of their clock to match the time shown on the time card. – The first player to represent the correct time will get that time card, then another card will open.- The game ends when all the cards from the draw pile have been drawn. The WINNER:- The player who earns the maximum number of time cards, wins the game. This game can be played in three Levels:- There are three different level time cards provided:- Level 1 – Beginner level:- Blue color Level 2 – Intermediate level:- Yellow color Level 3 – Advance level:- Red color Single-player mode:- You can also play this game as a single-player by noting down the time taken to finish all the cards (whichever level he/she plays) and trying to beat his/her own time record each time. Powers & Skills:- The powers unleashed are: Academic Skills: · Reading a clock · Understanding of time Life Skills: · Discipline · Speed Moral Values.Patience.Competitive spirit.

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