Yudhbhoomi Starter Kit (Premium Edition)


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An Indian Game of War and other amazing board games in India at SquareBag.

Yudhbhoomi: An Indian Game of War board game is a highly rated 2 player game for ages 5 and above with 32 mini-figures (each 2 inches tall) soft PVC mini-figures.

Duration: 15-20 mins.

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YUDHBHOOMI will transport you to a battlefield. Build a worthy army. Take unprecedented risks. Eliminate your opponents and win in the game of war!

(Yudhbhoomi: pronounced as ‘yuddha’-‘bhoomi’; field or ground on which a battle is fought.)

Designed to engage young children with their friends, parents, and grandparents. This exciting fast-paced game makes kids say “let’s play one more round!”.

Buy the YUDHBHOOMI SPECIAL EDITION and watch your children challenge friends and family army on the battlefield. Like most wars in history, the outcome is unpredictable until the last soldier is still standing!

The highlight of the game is 32 mini-figures contain both male and female warriors in 8 different poses. Intricate details on each figure give the game a cinematic feel and expand children’s imagination. Experience this edge-of-the-seat thrilling game which is sure to become a family favorite!

About the Product

This game helps children to learn how wars were won and lost in our Indian history. It also prepares them to face defeat. It’s very effective in teaching young children basic mathematics too.


  • Indian war-themed game
  • Gender and Age neutral
  • Luck and Strategy based game


  • Dice Rolling
  • Card Drafting
  • Player Elimination


  • Cognitive Skills
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Emotional Quotient
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