Zoozone Adventurer Fun Educational and Entertaining Board Game


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  • Zoozone adventurer is a fun strategy board game in which players move around a world map and buy various animal cards to build food chains.
  • Move around the world exploring the different climatic zones. Learn about various flora and fauna species found in specific regions across the globe.
  • Make two complete food chains of different ecosystems, and count up the stars of each chain. The player with the highest number of stars wins the game!
  • Have fun and make creative and innovative strategies to win. Leads to higher cognitive development and better critical thinking.
  • Ideal for birthday gifts and return gifts. Board games for family.

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Zoozone Adventurer is a fun geography-based educational board game in which the players move around a world map, exploring the different climatic zones, and learning about the various plants and animal species that are found in those climatic regions. This game helps to understand the concepts of ecosystems, climatic zones, habitats, and food chains in a subconscious way in which the students can learn while playing the game. This game takes the children away from screens while preparing them in a fun way for the concepts to be taught later in junior and middle school. It helps give your child an edge above the rest.

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